The following articles offer additional perspective on designing your portfolio from varied professional points of view and experience. These are worthwhile discussions that will expand your thinking about the purpose and format(s) for your own portfolio. Knowing that another’s experience and thinking parallels some of your own thoughts can inspire you in forming innovative plans for your own work.

Architecture Week Article
Designing a Digital Portfolio
by Harold Linton and Laura Clary

An Enviable Design Portfolio
by Harold Linton

Composing the Personal Narrative Archinect’s Official Portfolio Guide
Part I: The Academic Portfolio

by Jason Ivaliotis

Portfolio Design Post Graduation
by Christopher Bowling

Portfolio Contents

Fashion Institute of Technology
The Business of Art and Design
Prepared by Mata Stevenson

University of Colorado-Denver
Professional Lecture Series

University of Colorado College of Architecture and Planning Visual Resource Center

Preparing a Portfolio

Cornell University
Careers in Graphic design, Multimedia, and Visual Arts

The University of Maryland / School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation

Carnegie-Mellon University Career Services
Career Quick Tips

† Portfolio image credits
Rick Cosgrove, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.
8.5” x 6”
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