Problems & Solutions

Here you will find a few examples of layout strategies, problems, and solutions for the demonstration of design evidence in your portfolio. These examples demonstrate beginning considerations of project organization of the main elements of design evidence, i.e., plans, elevations, perspectives, and models. It is important to experiment with layout designs to discover the right arrangement to support your work. Should process be grouped on the same page with other views or should it be isolated and printed on a separate vellum page and floated above a given page? Testing ideas usually leads to preferable solutions to this problem.

Your vision of the world has something of value to offer. Invest in a design presentation that clearly communicates and supports your vision. Through careful planning and rehearsal, decisions regarding the character, content, visual weight, material sense, size/scale, and format are made to meet your design expectations. The portfolio itself may be executed in one format such as a print booklet or may incorporate multiple forms such as CD, DVD, Web site, or PDF files. Going digital also means designing a Web site not only to promote personal and professional work globally but also to act as an résumé and introductory statement of background and professional expertise in anticipation of presenting a full portfolio during the interview process.

† Portfolio image credits
Matthew Dudzik, Washington University, St. Louis, Mo.
Experimental graphic design explores the sensation of eye movement and an intriguing layering of images into planes of space. 6.75″ x 10″
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