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“For twenty years, Professor Harold Linton has been the expert on portfolio design for undergraduate and graduate students. His informative and entertaining lectures, workshops, and publications enable architecture and design students to successfully present their work in innovative formats to acquire jobs in the profession. I am sincerely appreciative of his contributions and wish him many more years of continued success.”

Michael V. Geary, CAE, Executive Director, 1993 – 2010
American Institute of Architecture Students

The lecture-workshop program is the most efficient way to kick start your understanding of effective approaches to layout and design that communicate content in legible and engaging schemes. The lecture-workshop options include two, three, and four day programs that provide ample time for progressively greater design development and refinement, i.e., full spread development, test prints, binding, and finished project review. Professor Linton has conducted workshops in over 100 of the top architecture and design schools worldwide including Korea, Finland, Sweden, Canada, and throughout the United States. The success of his book, Portfolio Design, now entering its forth edition is considered to be the “bible” of portfolio design for architecture and the allied design disciplines.

Workshops provide opportunities for students to receive professional guidance regarding a comprehensive approach to portfolio development. The number of students that have benefited from Linton’s input over a 20-year period of conducting lectures and workshops is now well beyond 10,000+. The number of students’ receiving offers of employment, admissions to graduate schools, internship positions, success in professional development on all levels is difficult to measure but a profound byproduct of his continuing service to architecture.

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Workshop at Bullseye Glass Conference, 2007
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