Linton is the author of eighteen books on architecture, design, visual communications, and color. Several of his published works have become adopted texts at universities and programs in higher education throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Portfolio Design, first published in 1996 by W.W. Norton and Company, New York, was released in September 2000 in its second edition. A third edition was published in January 2004 with a special focus on digital directions in portfolio design while advancing the understanding of portfolio design for architecture and allied disciplines. Portfolio Design 4th Edition will be published in spring 2011 and offers a comprehensive and current overview of digital portfolios in all formats. Portfolio Design has also been translated into three foreign languages, Spanish, Korean, and Chinese.

Linton has served as visiting lecturer in portfolio design, color design, and marketing in art and architecture at over 100 colleges universities, professional organizations and societies. Among these are included PPG Industries, Pittsburgh, Pa; Bullseye Glass Corporation, Portland, Or; Harvard Graduate School of Design, Cambridge, Massachusetts; Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y.; University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.; Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland; Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois; University of Michigan, School of Art and Architecture, Ann Arbor, Michigan; University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Il; Arizona State University, College of Environmental Design and Architecture, Tempe, Arizona; Howard University, School of Architecture, Washington, D.C.; University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho; University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; North Dakota State University, College of Architecture, Fargo, North Dakota; Iowa State University, College of Design, Ames, Iowa; Center for Creative Studies, Detroit Michigan; Michigan Design Center, Troy, Michigan; University of Art and Design – Helsinki, Finland; University of Technology, Helsinki, Finland; College of Architecture, Technology University, Stockholm, Sweden; Ewha Women’s University, Seoul, Korea; and Winterthur Polytechnic University, Zurich, Switzerland.

He has served on the architectural search team for the new Lakeview Regional Museum, Peoria, Illinois and also on the design team with Harley Ellis Design, Southfield, Michigan for the new visual arts building which opened in 2009 for the Interlochen School of Music and Art, Interlochen, Michigan. As Director of the School of Art at George Mason University, he served on the planning team for the new 88,000 sq. ft. art and design building that opened in fall 2009. Linton’s design consulting group, Colordesign3d, can be found on the web at The company specializes in color solutions for architecture, interiors, industrial and product design. He also serves the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) as a visiting evaluator of higher education programs in art and design throughout the United States.

Linton’s work in color research for architecture and industrial design is well recognized. Color Forecasting: A Survey of International Color Marketing and Color Consulting: A Survey of International Color Design, and Color in Architecture: Design Methods for Buildings, Interiors, and Urban Spaces are standard reference books in their fields. Linton’s work on color has been recognized in the New York Times, Metropolis Magazine, Departures Magazine, and others. His research on color in architecture is the subject of visiting lecture invitations including guest lectures for the International Association de la Couleur (AIC), Seoul, Korea, the Ewha Color Research Institute, Ewha University, Seoul, Korea, and “Fermentation”, International Conference on Environmental Art, Helsinki, Finland.

Harold Linton, Professor, began his duties as Director of the School of Art at George Mason University in Fall 2005. He served as the Chairman of the Department of Art at Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois from 1998 – 2005, and Assistant Dean of the College of Architecture, Lawrence Technological University, Southfield, Michigan from 1991 – 1998. In 2001, he was awarded the Caterpillar Professorship, the highest endowed university award for professional achievement at Bradley University, and also on behalf of the Department of Art at Bradley, the William Rainey Harper Award for excellence in curriculum and program development.

Having been associated with the College of Architecture and Design at Lawrence Technological University as Assistant Dean of the College of Architecture from 1991 – 1998 and as Chairperson of the Department of Art and Design he founded the first Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program in Architectural Illustration in North America and co-founded and served as Professor of the first Master of Arts degree program in Color and Design in Europe at the University of Art and Design – UIAH, Helsinki, Finland.

His artwork can be found in numerous public, private and museum collections. He is the recipient of the national competition first prize award and commission for a large relief construction work of art entitled “Fortunes of Nature” for the Richard M. DeVos Center and Graduate School of Business Administration, Grand Rapids, Michigan. He has completed ten public commissions during the previous eight years. His work can be found in numerous well-known public, private, and museum collections. Linton received a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Painting – Yale University, with studies in Art with Al Held and Lester Johnson and in Architecture and Planning with Howard Brown, an associate to Buckminster Fuller; and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting – Syracuse University with studies in design with Lee Ducell, sculptural designer for Minoru Yamasaki.

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