In support of your professional development and to help you successfully achieve an effective result for the design of your portfolio in print, web site, PDF, CD, DVD, career day sheet, blog and/or teaser portfolio. www.portfoliodesign.com contains examples of outstanding student portfolios as well as interactive instructive approaches for architecture and design students.

Exploring successful architecture and design portfolios supports your process of understanding how to handle difficult portions of your own portfolio such as sequencing views within a project and sequencing projects in your portfolio. Working with title pages, problem statements, contents page, type styles and text blocks, spread design, pagination, index, paper selection and printing, binding, multiple digital formats, and interactive strategies are all introduced in this web site and given the breadth of elaboration in my newest book, Portfolio Design 4th Edition. Available in April 2011 from W.W. Norton and Company, New York, New York, and from most booksellers, Portfolio Design includes over 250 examples of portfolio images and new chapters on purpose and format, vision and voice, digital directions, and the interactive environment.

Today, portfolios are created in multiple formats from print to interactive digital designs. A broad assessment of your purposes is first necessary to understand and plan the type of portfolio or portfolios that will best meet your goals. Understanding the most appropriate visual format is important but you must also learn about the digital media that will be utilized to produce an engaging design. It is paramount to the successful development and presentation of your work. As an introduction to portfolio design, this web site and its content has been adapted from my lectures, workshops, consulting, and publications to focus on the key areas of your portfolio that will lead to success.

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